Indoor Performances

Indoor performances are suitable for any setting or event. Our indoor show is not messy and the bubbles are controlled. Our shows can run in length from 5 minutes to 50 minutes. We can also provide table side performances for more intimate settings. Our indoor show features bubbles that spin, float and rise up, and even a bubble snowman that dances across a tightrope. We blow bubbles inside of bubbles, create bubble centipedes and soap bubble volcanoes that erupt with vapor. Bubbles are engaging and entertaining to audiences of all ages, especially when presented with our unique mix of comedy, improvisation and circus-style flair.

Outdoor Performances

Our outdoor presentations are informal and interactive experiences. They are essentially a full tilt, bubble-popping party. This service is typically sold by the hour and is best presented in a wide open area. This is perfect for fairs and festivals. We use garlands, nets and different wands to fill the air with bubbles, create GIANT bubbles and just generally create an atmosphere of joy and fun. Our outdoor bubble parties play to a large area and many people can enjoy this at the same time. It “Plays Big,” as we say in the biz. We also have an assortment of professional-grade bubble machines that we rent out.


SmileClouds are helium-filled soap bubble foam shapes that rise into the air, creating a visual spectacle that can be seen for miles. We have different-sized machines and an assortment of templates to make different shapes available for rent. This is the latest and coolest thing in the soap bubble business. Watch the video to see the many templates and to see the machines in action.


Weddings are made for soap bubbles and SmileClouds. We love to work with wedding planners and photographers to use our bubbles to create magical moments and memorable images that will last a lifetime. Our soap bubbles are the perfect element that will have your guests snapping pics and remembering the magic for months afterward.


Few things deliver as much fun to a parade as bubbles. Our bubble entertainers are available for parades of all kinds. We have been a crowd favorite in the Novant Thanksgiving Day Parade in Charlotte, NC, since 2014. We can offer many different-sized productions for parades of many sizes and budgets.